Which Disc Is it?

As a practitioner, me and my team come accross a question or query several times a day- My C4-C5/L4-L5 or some other disc is bulged, can you help me?

People are more fascinated about telling that my blah-blah disc is bulged and it is causing the pain in my blah-blah part!

Does it mean something that which disc is it?

Is it really important to discuss the disc which is bulged?

What these discs mean and why we at Sukhayu don’t give any importance to these discs or better to say their locations?

Let’s understand spine once…..

Human spine is a cluster of 33 vertebrae. These are the small bones which articulates with each other and make vertebral column. These are different or same? Yes there are some differences in the vertebrae sizes and shapes according to their locations. For example the vertebrae in neck are smaller than lumbar ones.

These bones are separated by some soft tissue structures- discs, in between these. These discs are meant to work as shock absorbers.

But, these all vertebrae are meant to give – motion and flexibility to the body and carry the spinal cord (the outgrowth of the brain, responsible for the managing the movements of the muscles and carrying forward the information of pain, burning and touch etc. to different parts of the body.).  This makes the vertebral column important.

So first of all as a whole, Spine is a column- vertebral column!

The same vertebral column works as an axis. It maintains the body and its four limbs in place.

If you move a column from one end, it will be disturbed on the other end too (Remember this). This is the reason, why chronic patients of lumbar problems start complaining about the cervical problems in due course of time.

The all 33 (except the sacral bones) are kept together with help of muscles and ligaments. These are muscles which hold these vertebrae together and stretching of these muscles create pressure on the column and leads to the compression of the discs. Because these discs are balloon like structures. Once we press these, these start bulging on sides and start irritating the nerves.

So, this is the pathology, which causes the bulge of the disc. Not the disc itself.

You press a balloon and it will deflate. Then what is wrong with the balloon itself. Problem lies in that reason which bulges the disc. So we need to remove the cause. Not the discs.

Whichever disc it is- matters hardly. Which matters is that why the disc is bulged.

Perhaps this is the lacunae in the allopathic-approach which leads a patient to surgery after surgery.

We took a different approach towards the treatment of the condition, we look for the root cause of the problem and then try to rectify that cause at Sukhayu Ayurved. This makes us special, otherwise we dont do the magics.

So it doesnt matter which disc is bulged, what matters is the root cause because of which your discs are bulged.