The Magic Ointments for your Back and Neck Pain, How magical are these?

Creams for back pain

TV commercials, advertisements in news paper always try to convince us that just applying of the “X” oil, “Y” balm and “Z” cream can cure the backache and cervical pain. Amazingly they have variants for the neck and back, as if muscles-nerves and bones are different-different in all these regions?
Is there something a magic which is logic based?
Is this illogical magic?
Is this theory or conspiracy?
This is science, there is logic and there is magic behind all these creams-oils and ointments. But there are some tricks too, these are misguiding too.
Science and logic- Nerves carry the sensation of pain and if we confuse all these with different sensations and all the creams for pain relief do the same. These have some products like- peppermint etc. which give us a sensation of warm-cold and confuse the nerves for the time being and we feel very much relaxed after applying these creams on our body. It gives a feel as if our muscles are relaxing, but there is nothing more the Scientific-Confusion of the muscles. When you are hypnotized and confused this never less than a magic, so these give some magical movements to all of us. This confusing activity is called counterirritants.
But to say- loudly that these XYZ can CURE the pain, is never true at all. These are for momentary relief and these all are good in this, so there won’t be anything like complete cure with all this stuff- XYZ.
Creams with painkiller- NSAIDS, anti inflammatory contents like- diclofenac which are absorbed in the skin and gives temporary results in pain like oral painkillers. Certainly this is not the cure for the problem. Cure for Slipped Disc, is in making the things in their place not in relaxing and killing the pain temporarily.
Solution lies in cure, not in just suppressing the signs and symptoms! So go for a permanent solution of the problem as fast as you can go and save your body from deep incisions and painful operations.