Risks of Spinal Surgeries

Specifically, spinal surgeries have their own complications, and here are these complications-testimonial_cured_withoutSurgery

Neural complications:

Because spine means nerves, nerves and nerves everywhere. If we are working in the region of nerves certainly there will be some complications related to the nereves and here are main complications due to neural damage

Direct injury to a nerve

During the spinal surgery, there is a main risk of injuring the spinal cord or peripheral nerves emerging from spine, in both the cases there will be damage to the nerve. Nerves from each region are destined to control the specific actions of specific region, this is the reason damage to the spinal cord can cause paralysis of the effected and related region depending upon which region of the nerve or spinal cord is damaged.

Direct injury to the spinal cord

A fibrosis scar in the region of surgery or some instruments or even the swelling in nearby tissues can lead to the damage of the spinal cord which can translate into paralysis of the specific effected region of the body or just numbness or weakness!

Sexual Dysfunction or Disability

This occurs mainly when the surgery is being performed in the lumbosacral region. Spinal cord carries the nerves for sensations like feel, touch and also for the muscles. Nerves from Lumbar and Sacral region travel to the pelvic region and if any of these nerves is damaged by any reason a person may loss all sexual activities and can be disable for sex for the whole life.

Implant & Fusion Complications

Delayed unification or Failure of Unification

In some cases number of fusions simply does not heal as planned, because plans are on paper and body behaves according to its own norms and there is nothing “healing” with the conventional system of medicines. These types of cases are known as “nonunion”. This condition might drag you to a second surgery to try to get the bones to heal. In other cases some fusions will take longer times than expected to heal completely. This type of problem is known as delayed-union.

Fracture in Hardware

Hardware here doesn’t mean motherboard, RAM or some ports of your computers- these are metakl screws, plates and rods which are used in different types of spinal operations to hold the vertebrae in their places. These all tools and parts can breakdown or can move the things in wrong direction or wrong place. In such cases second surgeries are important to adjust the things in their place or to replace the installed stuff.

Migration of Implants

Implants are similar to the implants, used to fix teeth in their places; same cages are deployed after the surgery to fix the things in their places. These cages might mobilize after the surgery and can cause unwanted pain. In this case a patient might need the second surgery to fix the things in their places.

Pseudoarthrosis: An unwanted fusion

Above we have seen many conditions where things move unnecessarily from the body. This is a condition in which bones fuse together even after removal of a fusion of the bones. Psuedo stands for false or fake and Arhtrosis is the term for Joint, so this is a condition in where – bones which should fuse together keep on articulating and makes a joint. Answer is the same as it is in most of the cases- A SECOND SURGERY!!

Transitional Syndrome

Modern medical sciences, especially surgeons believe that body is just a mechanically performing machine, which work together in parts. They only and always look body in parts. But for Ayurvedic WHOLISTIC APPROACH body works as a unit where every part work in accordance to the rest of the body and especially in case of the vertebral column- all the vertebrae work in a unison, which help each other in working together, sharing the weight, helping in the movements. So if one area of the spinal column is fused or fixed or changed in its functions after surgery, this might lead to the problems of the areas above and below, where surgery is performed. So once you have undergone the surgery the other parts will be surely affected.

These are common complications which occur after the surgery, this is not necessary that everybody will have all the complications. But you should keep it in mind that- “You want to go for second surgery or just want to avoid the surgery in case of slipped disc; with Sukhayu Ayurveda”