Cure for Degenerative Disc Disorder

Surgery- what we say- Name is enough, to create a horror but when it comes to the spinal surgeries, this becomes more deadly for everybody because of the risks of the spinal surgeries. When you enters a surgeons rooms with MRI in hands and your MRI reveals that you have a Prolapsed or herniated disc associated with Degenerative Disc Disorder and Canal stenosis, you will be surely convinced that you have nothing to do other than the surgery.

There is nothing like this. You don’t need to open-and-stitch your back at all! There is Ayurvedic-Panchakarma Treatment for this condition, let’s share how do we do the treatment of the Degenerative Disc Disorder with Ayurveda. We have a completely scientific strategy for all this-

1. Anti Aging treatment:

This is the first thing we do, because Ayurveda understands that Disc Degeneration is a condition of the Fast Aging and body is imagesdecaying. This is a disc where signs and symptoms appears first otherwise whole body is effected with this condition. So first of all we ensure that process of aging will be delayed

We use well known and scientific techniques of Ayurveda in this- Panchakarma + Diet /Lifestyle Management along with some quality Rasayanas (the anti aging preparations of Ayurveda) as per the body type- dosha and condition of the patient. In Panchakarma we make sure that along with DDS we will align your Spinal Column right in the place and will adjust the herniated disc too- through our procedure.  So by doing right type of Panchakarma we ensure two things- 1. to stop the decay and degeneration of the disc and 2. to align the back bone properly so that discs will be aligned properly.

2. Nourishing the Local Tissues:

We do perform Basti (pool reservoir) of the effected region with specially prepared ayurvedic oils which are capable of nourishing the local tissues. This is just like irrigating the dried up tissues. This quickens the process of healing and gives good results.

3. Balancing the Vata Dosha:

This is the most important and lengthy process of the treatment. Once there is some imbalance it certainly takes time to balance the body completely and we do all this with help of Ayurvedic medicines and control the diet of the patients properly so that this condition of imbalanced Doshas will can be corrected up to the root.

So these are the three basic points under which we do treat and cure the condition of Degenerative Disc Disorder. We never claim and no body should that we can Regenerate the disc in all conditions, which is not possible. As shared somewhere else, if this is in primary stage in that case we can assure the regeneration too but once it is chronic the best thing we can through Ayurveda is to make sure that there won’t be any pain in the body because of the problem and condition won’t deteriorate in future. As per Ayurveda there should be a plan for the treatment and at Sukhayu Ayurveda & Panchakarma we do follow the authentic text as it is, so that we can provide the maximum benefits of Ayurveda to the masses.

We request you to send your MRI reports to us through Contact Us page so that our physicians will go through all the details and will let you to know that what the best we can offer to you in your condition. We request you to avoid all kind of pressing of the bones and discs along with any forceful manipulation of the spine, because that can harm your body very deeply and can deteriorate the condition to a more severe condition where you won’t have a choice- other than surgery.