Canal Stenosis

Canal Stenosis!!

Here canal is- spinal canal and stenosis means blockage, a condition in which canal which carries the spine is blocked is known as canal stenosis. Surgery seems to be only solution for this condition. Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur provides canal stenosis treatment of lumbar as well as cervical regions. This treatment is safe and natural. There are no risks involved in this treatment of canal stenosis.

Canal Stenosis, is an alarming condition, this is a complicated condition which can lead you to severe conditions. What is canal and how it is blocked, as a patient you need to understand this condition very well.

What is spinal canal?

See this image here, the blue thing passing through the canal is the spinal%20canal%20stenosisspinal cord, the tissues from the brain direct. These are the tissues which carry the information from brain to different body parts. This canal is located within the “vertebral column” every bone gives space for this canal.

Because spine is a sensitive organ of the body thus nature has planned a complete secure environment for this.

But in case of disc bulge or listhesis the same canal becomes a challenge for the body because this canal is obliterated and there will be pressure on the neural tissue passing through the spinal canal. We use all these proper details for the nonsurgical canal stenosis treatment through ayurveda and yoga at sukhayu ayurved, jaipur.

Canal stenosis commonly occurs in lumbar region of the spine. Lumbar canal stenosis can lead to the different problems. Simple symptoms like- numbness, pain in the affected nerves can be there. Moreover to this- this might be as serious as loose of control on urination and stool too. And in some chronic cases of canal stenosis we have seen conditions like foot-drop (in case of lumbar canal stenosis) and wrist drop (in cervical canal stenosis).

What is Canal Stenosis?

This canal is made together by 33 different vertebrae and the discs in between these bones. These discs are balloon like structures, which deflates on pressing. Once the muscles around these bones stiffens due to some reason, these discs have pressure and this pressure deflates these balloons- which are known as discs.

These discs, when bulged/protruded- occupies the canal on their level. This is the pressure which weakens the neural tissues and also causes sensation of pain-burning or even can cause complete loss of sense in the area which is associated with the same level of the spine.


This is the disc which comes out in 90% of the cases and blocks the canal from where the spinal tissue is travelling. Now matter is not that what is causing the stenosis (blockage) of canal. What matters is- why the blockage is there?

The second condition of canal stenosis and which is severe than the stenosis caused by the slipped disc is the condition of listhesis.

Listhesis is the condition in which vertebrae of the column are disturbed and are not aligned properly and bone itself disarrange the canal and cause the compression on the disc.

Whatever, the bone dislocation or the disc bulge- this is an alarming condition which can cause severe problems to a patient. (You can see the image)

Ayurveda Treatment for Canal Stenosis?

What we do in other conditions, the same we follow with canal stenosis. The cause of this condition is “disc-bulge” or “dislocation of bone” (listhesis). These both occur because of muscular stiffness and misalignment of the vertebral bodies. In these conditions, we do offer a three dimensional treatment where we apply- Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma and Yoga all together in a very scientific manner so that we can remove the cause of the patient.

For nonsurgical ayurveda treatment of canal stenosis a patient needs to stay with us for 15 days minimum and 21 days maximum at our facilities in Jaipur, where we do all the Panchakarma procedures as per the individual schedule decided by physicians for the patients.

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