Avoid Surgery in case of Slipped Disc

In conventional system of medicines, they just know one thing, when it comes to the spinal problems like slipped disc, cervical and other problems because modern science is more about machines. We do treat the conditions and that too without any surgical intervention through Ayurveda-Panchakarma-Yoga and healing hand of Ayurveda.

There are many reasons, why Ayurveda believes to avoid the unwanted surgeries and here are some of these….

  1. General risks associated with Surgery.
  2. Risks of Spinal Surgery.
  3. Body needs more and more time to adjust after surgeries
  4. Surgeries always cause- deep distress to the body and mind.
  5. NOT SURE RESULTS of Surgeries
  6. Chances for second surgery become more than 60% after one spinal surgery
  7. No proper moment is gained
  8. Body remains fixed with nut-bolts.
  9. There are always chances of infection or damage of the installed hardware after the surgery

In above ten reasons, why spinal surgeries- last one is the most important. When you have cure, it is okay to go for operation and do the rectification, but when there is no chances of complete cure, why should one think about some surgery? This is more “monetary-mattered” rather than “moral” to ask everybody for an operation.

We have “rescued” almost 300 odd patients, in last 7 years from unwanted surgeries and we are daily saving more and more. Testimonials. We had all kind of the patients in last few years, where it was necessary to go for surgery and there were no way outs for the patients we told them to go for the surgery. But where surgery was avoidable and unnecessary we have done that very efficiently. Treatment was not temporary. We are in touch with those patients still who came to us seven years back and are still very much healthy and not having any problems.

We @ Sukhayu Ayurveda work on the root cause of the disease, never suppress the signs and symptoms- this makes us different from others in our section. We believe in providing the best quality treatment and that too economically. We don’t believe in charging extra from others!