Jaipur is a tourist destination. Travellers keep on coming from all arround the world, daily to this destination, so staying in this city is not a big deal, at all. You can get proper lodging facilities here, with reasonable prices.

When it comes to a treatment place you might have an impression that you will be hospitalized, there will be nurses arround you and people crying in the pain will be all arround you. No, not at all! We have completlely hygenic, just unlike the hospital place for your stay where you will feel- a home away from home.

Sukhayu Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center is a day care system where you need to come twice or once a day for treatment sittings. We don’t believe in hospitaliztion because more than your disease we are concerned about your wellness and we feel that you will be better if you can stay in a homely space, while with us. So we have arranged a proper place to stay for you, where you can relaz easily and will get a completely safe-secure and homely enviornment.

This is a house we have nearby our Panchakarma Center, where you will lodge during the treatment. We can provide the facilities for food also at the same place. Here are some of the images of the place we have-