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Welcome to the home of Sukhayu Ayurveda where the vast range of spinal disorders are successfully treated with traditional Ayurvedic modalities, like panchakarma and yoga. In today's society spinal problems are all too common and often brought on by poor lifestyle choices. Even posture contributes greatly to imbalances of the spinal column and can lead to slipped discs. In fact, it is proven that the root cause of back issues is due to loss of curvature of the spine. Therefore, unless you correct this curvature, the cure will be temporary and most certainly the problems will return. The intention and main goal of treating disc and spinal problems with Ayurveda is to correct and maintain this curvature of the spinal column.

Modern medicines only approach to spinal problems is invasive surgery, or inserting painful metal rods, nuts and bolts into our bodies. Complications from surgeries are vast and again, most often than not, the relief from pain is temporary and recurrent. Worst of all, surgery can damage nerves, lead to bowel and bladder problems and sexual dysfunction, to name a few. We firmly believe that avoiding surgery and metal implants is the absolute best way to “heal” all types of spinal problems, from slipped and bulging discs that cause debilitating sciatic pain to degenerative disc disorders. Here at Sukhayu Ayurveda our approach is completely holistic, non-invasive with the intention of complete and permanent freedom from pain! We pride ourselves on treating the whole body, NOT JUST THE SYMPTOMS, by replenishing, nurturing and rejuvenating!

Sukhayu Ayurveda specialize in providing treatments for the following Spinal problems...

Slipped Disc Cured WITHOUT Surgery

Slipped disc cured WITHOUT surgery!! I was told that this is Sciatica and that my Disc had slipped from its original place. My MRI had revealed that I was suffering with a prolapsed disc at the L4 and L5 vertebrae. Every traditional doctor I had seen insisted that, without a doubt, I could not be cured unless I had an operation. In fact, the doctors were all but insisting that I had no choice but to have an operation on my spine. Even with having the operation they could not assure that I would ever be completely healed. Feeling like I had no other choice, I began medications that the doctors prescribed along with complete Bed Rest!! They told me that this was the only way my prolapsed disc will return to it's original position. I was in bed for three months, without any relief!! I tried acupressure among other treatments, all of which were in vain, because my condition was getting worse by the day! Gratefully, a short time after that I was referred to Dr. Pardeep Sharma at Sukhayu. Dr. Pardeep looked over all of my reports (MRI's and x-rays) and upon examining me, told me there was help for me. I was completely skeptical, but what did I have to lose? The next day I started Panchakarma Treatment. Meanwhile, Dr. Ravinder, guided me to a simple Yoga routine of Asanas and postures to practice daily. In addition some herbal medicines were prescribed. In the beginning, I felt a small amount of relief, and with every passing day I started feeling a little better. I never thought that I will be able to sleep, walk or sit without pain. Now at the end of my treatment and with following my yoga asanas daily, I have NO pain at all! And I no longer suffer from severe stiffness in the back! I am so very grateful to Dr. Pardeep, Dr. Ravinder, Dr. Neetu and their team for all the support they have given me during the treatment. My hope is that more people will get to experience the amazing healing benefits of the treatments provided to me while I was at Sukhayu Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center. It truly changed my life!!
Snajana Devi Cured Completely